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File:Stephen Downes 2014.jpg.png|210px|thumb|Stephen Downes during the "Unbordring Education" forum in the Yerevan. '''Stephen Downes''' (born April 6, 1959) is a Canada|Canadian designer and Pundit (expert)|commentator in the fields of E-learning|online learning and new media. Downes has explored and promoted the educational use of computer and online technologies since 1995. Downes gave the 2004 Buntine Oration and was a presenter at the February 2007 Online Connectivism Conference.[ University of Manitoba: Learning Technologies Centre] In 2008, Downes and George Siemens designed and taught an online, open course reported as a "landmark in the small but growing push toward 'open teaching'" - widely considered the first Connectivist Massive open online course (MOOC). Born in...
Width210px | align = right | headerimage = File:Stephen Downes 2009 cropped.jpg|210px|Stephen Downes | audio1 = [ Interview with Stephen Downes], 19:39, Degree of Freedom, December 20, 2013.{{cite web|title=Interview with Stephen Downes|url=|work=Degree of Freedom|publisher=Jonathan Haber|accessdate=December 23, 2013|date=December 20, 2013}}
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